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Unusual Life of Ticci Toby and Clockwork - Part 1
The wind blew from the east, and the clouds threatened to begin their downpour at any second. The brightness from the moon shone through these clouds, and fell across the trees, creating long eire shadows. One of these shadows was that of Toby, as he slowly made his way back to the mansion after another night out, fulfilling his orders. A dripping noise emanated from one of his axes, as he carried it over his shoulder. He approved the great mansion of which he called home, and once there, he slowly creaked open the door, half expecting someone else to be up. The mansion was quiet on a night like this one. He smiled under his mask, and slid himself into the main room of the mansion, and silently closing the door behind himself. He made his way to the stairs, and quietly made his way up them. As he got to the second floor, he made his way to the bathroom at the end of the hall, looking out for various objects that were laying astrewn in the hall, left by some of the untidy occupants of t
:iconlivelywanderer:Livelywanderer 7 8
Ticking Away
A/N: Enjoy… Some new Ticciwork for you. But be aware, this is a bit dark, and I had trouble debating if I should have rated this M. This could be slightly disturbing to some readers. But once again, enjoy.

With her.
In his arms.
Each heaving step an unspoken miracle, for his vision was squinted, blistering tears which collected rivers in his goggles. His arms curled tightly around his life, clutching it with his soon to be lost hopes. He didn’t want his only life to die.
He didn’t want her to die.
Blood seeped through his firm fingers, running down his sleeve. He knew she wasn’t going to make it, but he had to try. He refused to let her leave his side. All he wanted was her.
There was no time.
“This is so brutal!”
Clockwork jumped across the dusted path, knife spinning in hand. “Why do we have to do this task? Couldn't he let Masky off his leech o
:iconzoeblinn:zoeblinn 38 57
Time Twitches
A/N: Well now… Feels...
Toby stumbled through the bewildered woods, following a makeshift path of jagged branches and outgrowing tree roots. He moaned after each maneuvering step, grunting under his breath, “Masky this, Masky that.”
Before this, he and Masky were given orders to seek out a spare proxy, in the case if one of them were in a bad condition, or given up on life. Masky agreed to this idea, but Toby argued back at it. He thought is was offensive to have spare when they were just fine. After this statement, Masky told Toby in a emotionless voice,
“With how you are acting, who knows how long you’ll last on the field?”
With that, Toby cussed out Masky with all he had, then went off into the woods, to recoil from his actions.
Toby stopped for a moment, letting his twitches sink in. He bit his lower lip with a quiver, and clenches his fists. “Full of shit
:iconzoeblinn:zoeblinn 39 28
Chillin' Sunset by NCMares Chillin' Sunset :iconncmares:NCMares 906 52 *growl* by Purrsephone12 *growl* :iconpurrsephone12:Purrsephone12 37 2 Fan Masky -hey Masky?- by Ashiva-K-I Fan Masky -hey Masky?- :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 1,257 394 It's Raining by DeluCat It's Raining :icondelucat:DeluCat 686 1,341 Fan Ticci Toby -go to the store?- by Ashiva-K-I Fan Ticci Toby -go to the store?- :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 1,383 832 Fan Hoody -dinner- by Ashiva-K-I Fan Hoody -dinner- :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 1,403 299
TicciWork - Part 1
As Clockwork walked out of the forest, covered in her own blood, she looked around the darkened park to find there was no one around. She limped to the closest tree and sat down. She had lost a lot of blood and was on the verge of passing out. As her world went black she felt she was being watched.
When she awoke from her painful slumber, she was in someone’s arms. A young man in a hoody and goggles was caring her somewhere. “What the hell?!” Clockwork struggled to get out of his grip but the pain in her side forced her not to. “You’re injured pretty badly miss. I saw you and I had to help!” The boy smiled under the mouth piece on his face. “Who are you?” She asked, holding her side. “I’m Ticci Toby! You’re Clockwork right? Jeff told me all about you. He said you don’t like to be touched so if we met he said you’d stab me for hugging you. He also said you don’t like having that many friends so he told m
:iconbadwolfdemon:BadWolfDemon 112 96


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Hi everyone, I'm psychodiamondstar , I love to draw and I like to entertain people with my art and also I draw a bunch of random shit and get inspiration from a bunch of doo-hikies. Well, I mostly draw Sunlight(Sci-TwiXSunset) because I ship them a lot. l have a sister here on DA and her account is :iconxxsunsetshimmer23xx: . I'm mostly socially awkward in real life but I'm a social butterfly online!^^

Here on my page:
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Well, is it fine if you draw my MLP OC, Lianna with either Sunny Flare, Indigo Zap or Lemon Zest? At least one of those three?

My OC:…
psychodiamondstar Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...sorry I don't do requests :/
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Question, what species of pony do you think the Shadowbolt 5 would be?
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No idea. But in my head canon,;

1)Sugarcoat will be a merpony,

2)Sour Sweet will be a batpony,

3)Sunny Flare will be an earth pony

4)Lemon and Indigo will be pegasus.

Yeah, I just wanna draw something else other than humans and ponies XD
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Anytime!:highfive: And sure.:nod:
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